Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tarot of the Secret Forest

I think that the Secret Forest is the deck I want to use for this study. I read to know my heart, to know my life in a different way, and to gain some insight into other people's hearts and lives. This seems like a good deck for this kind of reading.

This card illustrates the sense of wonder I feel about the Tarot of the Secret Forest and about beginning a study with it. It is such a strange and beautiful deck. It will require some work to really get to know it.

I imagine that the insect people on this card were caught out in the hot sun for a while and they could feel their wings drying out and the soft skin on their shoulders blistering. Then evening came and they found their way back into the cool dark forest. They are perfectly comfortable on moss-covered branches applauding the moon as it sheds its green light. So tonight it is a card about finding the peculiar place where you feel comfortable, and the appreciation and wonder that you can then feel for the rest of the world.

I plan to start the study on the new moon which is coming up on the 25th of January.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Primary Deck Reflections 2009

Do one reading a week with your primary deck and post it. That is the basic idea of this study, called "Primary Deck Reflections". You can read about it here:

This way you have one deck that you reflect on weekly while still using all your other decks. I can tell you right now that my primary deck is going to change more than once during this year, probably more than two or three times. I like the idea of making a commitment to post one reading a week. There are weeks when I only do daily draws and this commitment will help me stretch a little. The thing I'm not so sure about is that I don't tend to do my readings on neutral topics, they are often personal and not stuff I'd want to share in a blog. I'll have to see how it goes.